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Questions to ask an Answering Service

When you are signing up for an answering service, you may feel overwhelmed.  There are so many options out there.  We know Answer Network is the right choice, but when you are checking out the other options make sure you ask these questions.

Do you charge for a toll-free number?

You’ll find that some answering services charge a flat fee per month for the usage of one of their 1-800 numbers.  Other answering services charge per-minute fee for the 1-800 number.  Answer Network provides you with the 1-800 number at no cost to you.

charts-512Do you have call reporting?

Call reporting may seem like the last of your worries now, but this can be a great tool to understand your usage and your calls better.  This can help you see how much you gain from having an answering service too!  Answer Network provides reporting to you absolutely free, some answering services have a per-page cost for reporting and others don’t provide it at all.

What is their average speed to answer?

Answer Network’s average speed to answer is within 4-5 seconds -one ring.  That means you can count on us to get to your customers’ calls quickly.  Some answering services take upwards of 20 seconds to answer your customers’ calls.

How many holidays do they charge for?

Answer Network charges a $10.00 fee for 6 holidays per year (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas).  Some answering services charge for 8 or even 10 holidays per year!

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