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The Importance of a Call

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The Importance of a Call

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With our tools and our help, we can give your more time in the day to focus on the tasks that only you can complete (and hopefully more time to sleep).  On average, people spend more than an hour per day on the phone.  Did you know that 60% of the incoming calls you are answering are less important than the work they interrupt?

But what about the 40% that are potential leads?  Which calls do you end up answering?

Answer Network can answer all of your calls or just the calls when you are super busy.  The next call may be a lead or it may be a solicitor, but you can’t take the chance of missing it.

Here at Answer Network, we answer calls within the first 2 rings.  That means your customers speak to a live friendly person quickly and feel heard.  They don’t have to leave a voice-mail or call back.

For the unimportant calls you can have us just email them to you every morning or evening (or both).  However, for the important calls we can text, email and call you to make sure that call gets the attention it deserves.

With over 37 years of answering calls and escalating them properly, we know what we are doing.  We take pride in every call we answer and serving as a part of your company.  Let us help your business get more done in less time and you get more time back in the day.

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Completely Customized

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Answer Network’s telephone answering services can be completely customized for your needs.  Your business deserves a plan that is personalized to fit your needs.  We have basic packages to start the thinking process, but when you sign up for your free trial we can create your perfect plan.

When you sign up for a free trial we start by customizing how your calls are answered.  Your greeting is made to fit your needs, we can even take down different information depending on what type of call it is.

What messages you receive, how you receive your messages and when you receive them is all up to you too.  Our operators are an extension of your business and we take a lot of pride in that.

The reporting is created to help you understand your calls and your business more.  Guess what that means?  It is customized too!  Want to see averages or every call?  How long are your calls?  When are your calls?  Just tell us what you want to know and we can help.

Call Answer Network today to learn more about how we can customize your answering service to represent you better, 1-800-769-7170.

Why a Live Answering Service?

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A live answering service gives your customers the attention they deserve without interrupting your work.  Answer Network’s answering gives you the flexibility of having a receptionist without the cost.

When you leave the office for lunch, a meeting, or can’t get in because of weather, just forward your calls to us.  Answer Network’s live agents can answer your phone calls 24/7 and deliver your messages how and when you want them.

Don’t worry about checking a voice mail or keeping up with the incoming calls, we have you covered.  The flexibility of Answer Network gives you the upper hand on the competition.

Answering Service Question: Why do you charge per call?

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Q: Why do you offer per call charges?
A: We understand that your customers are your number 1 priority. This means that regardless of how long it takes, you want us to be on the phone with them answering their questions and taking their message.

This means no rounding up to the nearest 30 seconds.

Answer Network’s telephone answering service makes the pricing easy and focuses on your business needs.  You tell us what you need and we help you find the best package for your business.  We understand that an answering service is another investment in your business, tell us how we can help.

Throwback Thursday: Pagers

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Beeper Telephone Answering serviceDo you remember pagers?  Well, while you may request texting of your messages now, paging used to be a hot commodity in the telephone answering service world.  We even owned a pager company, that way you could get a page from us and we could deliver your messages to you.

Some pagers would beep and you would have to call us back, then we would read your message to you.  Other pagers were digital pagers and you would call the number we would send to you.   Then, technology advanced further and we had alpha pagers; these would display your message like we do with texting today.

Answer Network’s answering services has progressed with technology and we now text, email and can even fax you your messages.

Even though we no longer own the pager company or forward your message to pagers, we do deliver your messages to you right away by text, email or fax.

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Questions to ask an Answering Service

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When you are signing up for an answering service, you may feel overwhelmed.  There are so many options out there.  We know Answer Network is the right choice, but when you are checking out the other options make sure you ask these questions.

Do you charge for a toll-free number?

You’ll find that some answering services charge a flat fee per month for the usage of one of their 1-800 numbers.  Other answering services charge per-minute fee for the 1-800 number.  Answer Network provides you with the 1-800 number at no cost to you.

charts-512Do you have call reporting?

Call reporting may seem like the last of your worries now, but this can be a great tool to understand your usage and your calls better.  This can help you see how much you gain from having an answering service too!  Answer Network provides reporting to you absolutely free, some answering services have a per-page cost for reporting and others don’t provide it at all.

What is their average speed to answer?

Answer Network’s average speed to answer is within 4-5 seconds -one ring.  That means you can count on us to get to your customers’ calls quickly.  Some answering services take upwards of 20 seconds to answer your customers’ calls.

How many holidays do they charge for?

Answer Network charges a $10.00 fee for 6 holidays per year (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas).  Some answering services charge for 8 or even 10 holidays per year!

Make a Change!

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answer network live answering serviceEver find yourself wanting to make a change?  Do you ever feel that change needs to be made at the start of a new month? Start of a new year?  Why not start of the new week?

Start with an answering service today.  Today is a Monday!  It is the perfect time to start with Answer Network!  Don’t wait; make the change to having your calls answered 24/7 by a live friendly experienced operator.

We promise it doesn’t take long and if you feel you can’t call right now let’s get most of your account set up by email.  Email to get started. Or call us at 1-800-769-7170 (it only takes 15 minutes).

You can forward your calls within 24 hours!  Now until May 26th, you’ll have free answering. It doesn’t get much better than that.  That means we even have you covered for the Memorial Day holiday!

Think about how much more time you’ll have in the next two weeks not spending time answering your phones.  We will filter your calls, take your messages and get them to you, so you can follow-up when you have time.

Making the change to having an answering service will benefit your customers by making your business more available, without you having to be.  Can you think of a better way for your business to start this week?  Plus, it’s still early in the month, so if you like starting things at the beginning of the month, you can count it as that too!

Frequently Asked Questions

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