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Throwback Thursday: Pagers

Beeper Telephone Answering serviceDo you remember pagers?  Well, while you may request texting of your messages now, paging used to be a hot commodity in the telephone answering service world.  We even owned a pager company, that way you could get a page from us and we could deliver your messages to you.

Some pagers would beep and you would have to call us back, then we would read your message to you.  Other pagers were digital pagers and you would call the number we would send to you.   Then, technology advanced further and we had alpha pagers; these would display your message like we do with texting today.

Answer Network’s answering services has progressed with technology and we now text, email and can even fax you your messages.

Even though we no longer own the pager company or forward your message to pagers, we do deliver your messages to you right away by text, email or fax.

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