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Throwback Thursday: Voicemail

The voicemail is dying. Some companies are even removing voicemails from their phones as an option for callers.

Have you checked your voicemail box lately?  How many have you not listened to?  Is your cell phone memory clogged because you have voicemails that are just sitting there?

There are some voicemails we check right away…parents, partners, boss, etc.  But others, we let sit there and even forget about.  That is where Answer Network comes in.

You never have to listen to a voicemail again.  They are delivered to you and even filtered by us!  Answer Network can text you, fax you, or e-mail your messages to you when you want them or immediately.  The messages you don’t want (the solicitors) you never have to see.  They don’t clog up your e-mail, voicemail, or text message notifications.

Clear the notifications and sign up for Answer Network. Let us help!

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